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#TomorrowIsAnotherDay Good Sleep Better Tomorrow

Lotus Mattress has released a positive thought for coping with life’s problems. Lotus Mattress believes that a good night’s sleep leads to a strong body and mind, ready to tackle any of life’s many problems.

The web film “Tomorrow’s Another Day” is a story of a single dad who takes care of his young daughter by himself. His daughter has an accident and is digagnosed with sleeping beauty syndrome. The dad carries a lot of pain inside and still wakes up every morning to carry on life without showing his sadness. Instead, he decides to live his days and nights happily and hopefully. He also lends his positive attitude and support for others in need.

The film not only moves the audience but also successfully delivers a hope-filled message about how to endure life’s hardships, how to not give up and how to believe in the idea that “there’s always tomorrow and that things will get better.”

When launched, it was viewed over 15 million times over the first 2 weeks and has been featured heavily on social media to give moral support to friends in need.

Credits –

  • Executive Creative Director: Kesarin Lumsiricharoenchoke
  • Art Director: Kesarin Lumsiricharoenchoke
  • Copywriter : Kesarin Lumsiricharoenchoke
  • Production House : Tongta Film
  • Director : Withit Kamsrakaew
  • Producer : Thammawan Markvichit
  • Client: Lotus Mattress Co.,Ltd.
  • Group CEO : Teepakorn Lojanagosin