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New PRIVACY TECH Zoned Coil is patented sleep technology by LOTUS mattress, designed for the most peaceful rest and relaxation, consisting of primary and secondary zones.


Weight Support System


New PRIVACY TECH Zoned Coil is patented sleep technology by LOTUS mattress, designed for the most peaceful rest and relaxation, consisting of primary and secondary zones.

  • Primary personal zone divides the mattress into left and right side by vertical Motion Deflection Barrier in the center of the system to minimize motion transference between both sleepers for your undisturbed sleep.
  • Secondary body zone is divided into 7 horizontal zoning, each zone provides distinct firmness level, more pressure relieving support added in the hip and shoulder areas through innovative Up/Down pocketed coil system and relaxing comfort in the leg and head areas through slightly firmer yet supportive pocketed system zoning.

Moreover, every individually cotton fabricated coil in Privacy Tech system has smaller diameter spring to maximize the number of coils and laid in honeycomb shape providing maximum consistency in weight balance and support for your better sleep quality.

  • LOTUS HYGIENE GUARD® surrounds the inner spring coil for soft-touch border and hygiene protection, while safeguarding the mattress from unwanted particle to enter into layers of the mattress, which leads to inhabitant of dust mites and allergens. Another special care from us.

Balance Support System

  • Eccp (Extreme Compressed Cotton Pad) 800 gsm. – equipped on top of coil system to further strengthen its stability, while enhancing smooth movement of each individual spring coil.
  • Gel Infused Memory Foam offers body conforming support with cooling gel that absorbs body heat from surrounding memory cells. Only Gel Infused Memory Foam features unique airflow channels that provide exceptional ventilation, allowing heat to escape so you stay cool and dry all night long.
  • Gel infused latex delivers the ultimate in pressure relief and the gel particle takes body heat and dissipates creating cooling sensation. This resilient, pressure-relieving, highly ventilating foam helps the body stay in one position longer, resulting in deeper sleep.
  • HD Comfort Profile Topper (Plush type) 40 mm. designed with convoluted cutting for Multi-Zoning support system, which conforms naturally to different parts of the body while maintaining good air circulation within the mattress.
  • HD Comfort foam topper (H23 plush type) 30 mm.

Comfort Level

  • Plush


  • Top surface: Natural Tencel Fabric

Pressure Relief System

  • Natural Wool blended with Conjugate Hollo Fill II Fibre 200 gsm (7 cells)
  • Talalay Latex® peel – processed with unique Talalay technology creating opened-cell structure throughout. For perfect hygiene, multiple-washing stages are applied to eliminate unwanted residual and undesirable protein (which is major source of food for dust mites and bacteria).
  • 4 layers of Stressfree foam (Plush) 90mm.

Hygiene Treatment

  • Sanicare® made from vegetable-extract, for permanent resistance against inhabitant of dust mites
  • Allergy Protection
  • Aloe-Vera® with skin-caring and moisturizer control property

Air-Circulation system

  • Auto Air Circulation® automatically and progressively generates air flow within and throughout the mattress through air-permeable layers specially used inside the mattress.

Limited warranty: 10 years



Comfort Level

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