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Sanicare means natural therapy with every move

Besides the mattress, the covering is another factor vital to the best healthy sleep. Sanicare, a natural substance, is applied to the fibers before weaving to guarantee permanent security from dust mites and bacteria. It also helps to reduce the accumulation of dust in the mattress, which is one of the main causes of allergies.

Aloe-Vera protects your skin night after night

Fine attention is also given to applying Aloe-Vera, extracted from nature, to fibers before the weaving process, in order to protect and sooth your skin. It helps to moisturize your skin and reduce inflammation of wounds, making them heal faster while sleeping. As inside mattress’s temperature plays an important role in how well your skin is treated at rest, Aloe-Vera also helps adjust and ensure the optimal conditions for your night time skin treatment.


  • Sanicare® made from vegetable-extract, for permanent resistance against inhabitant of dust mites
  • Allergy Protection coating
  • Aloe-Vera® with skin-caring and moisturizer control property