Lotus Mattress – Silver Mountain


SILVER MOUNTAIN, a LOTUS Series 6 Turns (7 “) Hybrid System Latex Mattress epuipped with intelligent springs made to provide extra firmness. Hefty weight support feature with an ability to adjust pressure balance so perfectly. The  coil springs up to 6 Turns (7” in height) takes on the vertical load bearing duty, reinforcing the micro-latex from Belgium which enhances greater flexibility.  The process of natural rubbers, through the patented technology by Lotus mattress, breaks the components down into very tiny sized molecules, strengthening the Reflection Force with the result of higher ILD (Indentation Load Deflection) measure that provides a much more firming touch. Effective weight distribution and superb balancing system allows you to sleep comfortably every night without causing backpain, so you wake up to a refreshing new day.

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Natural Rubber
Restructured through a process using a patented technology by Lotus mattress which breaks it down into very small sized molecules before transforming into microlatex.


Specially compressed microlatex that gives just the right firming touch.


Tested for high ILD
(reflection force) with effective weight balancing and distribution.


Intelligent Springs System: Lotus Series 6 turns (7″)  
Perfectly balances the pressure with load distribution that bears the vertical load through the coil springs.


Ideal Firm Comfort
The perfect soft touch that soothes the exact point of backpain.


Pressure Reduction System
and helps increase BODY blood circulation

CONJUGATE HOLLO FILL FIBRE FOAM 380 gsm, a touch of firmness
that feels perfectly right.


Health Caring
Prevent all kinds of dirt and dusts, one of the  main causes of dust mites.


Gentle on the skin
The coating agent with Aloe Vera helps prevent dust mites accumulation while nourishing the body skin.


Auto Air Circulation
A continuous automatic ventilating system.


Mattress Height
Mattress with an extra layer of 10 inches in thickness.


Cotton Knit
Outer layer fabric which feels soft to the skin.


Comfort Level
Experience the “perfect balance” without the back pain.

Weight Support System 

  • LOTUS Series 6 Turns (7-inch) with extra strength, an intelligent springs system made for hefty weight support and pressure load balancing at just the right level. The 6 turns (7-inch) coil springs absorb the verticle load that allows higher flexibility.

Weight Balancing / Distribution System 

  • ECCP compressed cotton fiber sheet is reinforced onto the weight support spring systems to help strengthen yet maintaining the smoothness in every movement of the springs.
  • MicroLatex (Microlatex®) from Belgium
    A Natural Rubber processing system, using a patented technology by Lotus, that breaks down the molecules into an even smaller size to obtain higher measure of ILD – Indentation Load Deflection (Reflection Force) which provides a much more firming touch. An Effective weight distribution and superb balancing system.

Soft – Firm Level:

  • Firm & Comfy – Ideal Firm

Lotus Mattress - Silver Mountain 1

Outer Layer Fabric

  • Cotton Knit

Pressure Relief System and Blood Circulation Improvement

  • 20 mm. Firm&Comfy Stress-free foam sheet
  • Conjugate Hollo Fill II Fibre 380 gsm – 7-cell ventilation structure


  • Sanicare® สารสกัดจากพืชผักธรรมชาติ ยับยั้งการเจริญเติบโตของไรฝุ่นถาวร
  • Allergy Protection ปกป้อง และป้องกันภูมิแพ้
  • Aloe-Vera® สกัดจากว่านหางจระเข้ คืนความชุ่มชื่นให้ผิวคุณ


  • Auto Air Circulation® ระบายอากาศอัตโนมัติแบบต่อเนื่อง ผ่านชั้นวัสดุที่มีโครงสร้างระบายอากาศอย่างดี.


Comfort Level


Mattress Type


King 6×6.5 ft., Queen 5×6.5ft., Twin 3.5×6.5ft.


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