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Foam Spring Mattress model Yorkland from LOTUS. Highlighted with The good balance Yorkland series is crafted ideally for lovers of progressive comfort. With a better overall weight redistribution and strengthened stability, your spine is sublimely aligned, resulting in relieved stress points and reduced body pressure. Precisely designed and perfectly refined for your memorable night after night, the Woodfield is your excellent choice for your profound sleep. Available with 3 sizes 3.5 ft., 5 ft., 6 ft. The mattress height 12 inches. Sleep safe with 10 years warranty.

King 6x6.5 ft.King 6x6.5 ft.King 6x6.5 ft.Queen 5x6.5ft.Queen 5x6.5ft.Queen 5x6.5ft.Twin 3.5x6.5ft.Twin 3.5x6.5ft.Twin 3.5x6.5ft.
Lotus Mattress - Yorkland 1
Lotus Mattress - Yorkland 2
Lotus Mattress - Yorkland 3
Lotus Mattress - Yorkland 4
Lotus Mattress - Yorkland 5
Lotus Mattress - Yorkland 6
Lotus Mattress - Yorkland 7
Lotus Mattress - Yorkland 8
Lotus Mattress - Yorkland 9
Lotus Mattress - Yorkland 10
Lotus Mattress - Yorkland 11
Lotus Mattress - Yorkland 12
Lotus Mattress - Yorkland 13
Lotus Mattress - Yorkland 14

FEATURES one side Pillow Top Weight Support System 

  • LOTUS SUPER BONNEL® Series: 6 Turns (7”) Ideal for firm comfort lover and great weight support. Better overall weight balance due to higher turns of each coil up to 6 turns or 7” in height.
  • LOTUS HYGIENE GUARD® surrounds the inner spring coil for soft-touch border and hygiene protection, while safeguarding the mattress from unwanted particle to enter into layers of the mattress, which leads to inhabitant of dust mites and allergens. Another special care from us.

Balance Support System 

  • ECCP (Extreme Compressed Cotton Pad) equipped on top of coil system to further strengthen its stability, while enhancing smooth movement of each individual spring coil.
  • HD Comfort Foam (Firm type)
  • Massage Contour Pad – provides sensationalized support with innovative convoluted surface to ease up stress-points and reduce body pressure – (Inserted in Pillow Top)

Comfort Level: Good Balance

Lotus Mattress Woodfield


  • Velvet-Velour fabric

Pressure Relief System 

  • Stressfree foam (Medium-Firm)
  • Conjugate Hollo Fill II Fibre 380 gsm (7 cells)

Hygiene Treatment 

  • Sanicare® made from vegetable-extract, for permanent resistance against inhabitant of dust mites
  • Allergy Protection
  • Aloe-Vera® with skin-caring and moisturizer control property

Air-Circulation system 

  • Auto Air Circulation® automatically and progressively generates air flow within and throughout the mattress through air-permeable layers specially used inside the mattress.

Warranty : 10 year.



Comfort Level


Mattress Type


King 6×6.5 ft., Queen 5×6.5ft., Twin 3.5×6.5ft.


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