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Tofu-designed Marshall coil (USA pocketed spring) Mattress, Fortress from LOTUS exclusively crafted for minimalist-inspired sleep comfort has finally arrived. With higher turn counts of the advanced independent inner suspension than other pocketed coil series, it is ideal for extra weight support with high push-back feel and increased durability and lifespan. Completely redesigned and draped in velvet velour cover, which isn’t merely super silky soft but amazingly structured with temperature regulating system keeping you cool all night long , it marries beauty with functionality for modern healthy lifestyle.

Available with 3.5 ft., 5 ft., 6 ft., or custom sizes also available. The mattress height : 10 inches. Sleep safe with 10 years warranty.

King 6x6.5 ft.King 6x6.5 ft.King 6x6.5 ft.Queen 5x6.5ft.Queen 5x6.5ft.Queen 5x6.5ft.Twin 3.5x6.5ft.Twin 3.5x6.5ft.Twin 3.5x6.5ft.
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With the Fortress, the new epoch for sleep comfort has finally arrived. With higher turn counts than other series, it is ideal for extra weight support and provides greater push-back feel and increased durability and lifespan. Completely redesigned and draped in cotton knit, it marries beauty with functionality par excellence. Sleep on it and let your dream take flight.

Weight Support System 

Double-sided mattress 

  • LOTUS MARSHALL COIL® Series: 2.2 Plus (Firm Comfort Plus) provides the true serenity in both weight absorbing and provide deep comfort. Ideal for extra weight support as it uses higher turn counts than other series and yet compressed into a small pocket resulting in higher push-back support and increased durability and lifespan. Smooth momentum of springs enhanced by high quality pocketed fabric. Each coil functions independently to keep you uninterrupted throughout the cozy night.
  • LOTUS HYGIENE GUARD® surrounds the inner spring coil for soft-touch border and hygiene protection, while safeguarding the mattress from unwanted particle to enter into layers of the mattress, which leads to inhabitant of dust mites and allergens. Another special care from us.

Balance Support System 

  • ECCP (Extreme Compressed Cotton Pad) equipped on top of coil system to further strengthen its stability, while enhancing smooth movement of each individual spring coil.
  • Massage Contour Pad – provides sensationalized support with innovative convoluted surface to ease up stress-points and reduce body pressure (Inserted on both sides of the mattress)

Comfort Level: Ideal firm

Lotus Mattress - Fortress 13


  • Velvet-Velour

Pressure Relief System 

  • Stressfree foam (Medium) 10 mm.
  • Conjugate Hollo Fill I Fibre 200 gsm (5 cells)

Hygiene Treatment 

  • Sanicare® made from vegetable-extract, for permanent resistance against inhabitant of dust mites
  • Allergy Protection
  • Aloe-Vera® with skin-caring and moisturizer control property

Air-Circulation system 

  • Auto Air Circulation® automatically and progressively generates air flow within and throughout the mattress through air-permeable layers specially used inside the mattress.


Comfort Level


Mattress Type


King 6×6.5 ft., Queen 5×6.5ft., Twin 3.5×6.5ft.


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