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SLEEP Privately Modernly

Introducing New Privacy Tech by Lotus Mattress. Sleep privately together.

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Spring Mattress

Consist of coils suspended in the other mattress materials. Offer support, particularly for heavier people or those with back ailments

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Latex Mattress

Aside from its organic and allergy-free qualities, latex is considered to be one of the most durable mattress materials

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Foam Mattress

Offer support and bounce.  High-density foam makes the mattress more durable by reducing compression in them.

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Privacy Tech

The patented technology
applies Motion Deflection Barrier at the vertical center of the inner coil system. 

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Why Lotus Mattress?


Experience & Motivated Team​

Started the bedding and mattress infrastructure since 1980, LOTUS MATTRESS is the most experienced bedding company in Thailand.


A Total Bedding Solution

With Lotus Mattress, we cover 100% your sleep with our total bedding solution, from a mattress to a pillow and all other sleep items.


Well-known since 1980

Started the bedding and mattress infrastructure since 1980, LOTUS MATTRESS is the most well-known bedding company in Thailand.​

Lotus Sleep Studio

Where dreams never end

With 4 showrooms located in the prime areas of Bangkok, and 10+ store worldwide, Lotus Sleep Studio aims to meet our highest customer’s satisfaction.

Interest in open Lotus Sleep Studio in your country? Fill the form below and our international team will get back to you ASAP

Always with you

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