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At Lotus Mattress, we offer only the best products, service and consumer experience. Our mattress, bedlinen ,and bedding accessories form together not only a total bedding solution and perfect sleep environment that love you, but also a touch of superior blend of comfort and luxury, the answer to the pursuit of quality well-being and healthy lifestyles.

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Our products

The vision of business and product development solely focus on designing and creating the series of mattress and bedding collections with superior quality and innovation for those who realize the secret that quality well-being and healthy lifestyles can be achieved through better rest and sleep comfort. Because Lotus bed system can make a remarkable difference in your days and nights!

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Business Philosophy

Our products are always made from the finest materials from the best sources in the world. Our secret to success in mattress production is at our skillful craftsmanship. We also pay attention in every single detail of the production process.

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Our Staffs

Are our most valued treasure in order to create a dynamic and positive working environment. Employees will always feel good and grow up together. We actively encourage our employees to learn everyday including training sessions to keep pace with developments.

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Lotus Sleep Studio

Is one part of our journey to create the most special moment for you and your family. Your purchasing decision to buy a mattress or bed linen means the most cost-effective investment for the health of your family and yours.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We spend one-third of our life to sleep. Thus, choosing good bedding products will benefit your health as well as your beloved ones and regain the energy for every new day.

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