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Extreme Compressed Cotton Pad

Eccp (Extreme Compressed Cotton Pad) on top of coil system to further strengthen its stability, while enhancing smooth movement of each individual spring coil.

HD Comfort Foam or High Density Comfort foam topper

Developed for increased balance weight support of overall mattress material within and enhanced pressure relief. With opened-cell structure, this special type of foam absorbs and redistributes body weight equally in all directions and thus, pressure force can be dispersed and eliminated almost immediately throughout the mattress. Manufactured with eco-friendly process.

Lotus Anatomy Latex®

Anatomical Zoning System, latest innovation from Belgium, produced from 100% natural latex material for superior flexibility to provide the perfect balance support for all anatomical parts, 300% more pressure relief than regular foam latex mattresses.


Green-E-Flex™ pure ecological bedding foam, high resilient and ideal for extra heavy weight support.

Miracle Foam®

High grade extreme-compressed foam, formulated to give high push-back support.

Belgian Talalay Latex®

Talalay Latex® processed with unique Talalay technology creating opened-cell structure throughout. For perfect hygiene, multiple-washing stages are applied to eliminate unwanted residual and undesirable protein (which is major source of food for dust mites and bacteria).


Microlatex® for natural firm comfort from Belgium. It’s made of millions of micro bits of natural latex that are compressed by sophisticated technology, exclusively for LOTUS®. It is naturally firm yet with good gentle push-back support.

Massage Contour Pad

Massage Contour Pad provides sensationalized support with innovative convoluted surface to ease up stress-points and reduce body pressure.